Ever have a bad situation get worse?

Ever have a bad situation get worse? It happens…the water goes out due to a well or pumping issue and you call a well guy, but he doesn’t show up. You’ve waited two days and finally you call someone else. That someone else happens to be us…we promptly jump into action and get water back functioning again and you’re happy. The next day we receive a call asking why the hot water no longer works?
While you were waiting for the other guy to show up, your hot water tank was running with no pressure on it and somehow drained enough water out to damage the elements that heat the water. Now you need a plumber…

The lesson: ALWAYS shut off power to hot water tank when there is no water pressure. It usually is labeled “Hot Water Heater” and is a 30 amp breaker. There may be a “pull out” disconnect switch next to tank also.
If you can get your pump back up and running quickly, usually no damage will occur, but longer periods with no pressure will damage hot water heater elements. If hot water tank is newer, you could just get a new element(s), but if it’s older, you might want to replace the unit altogether.
Sorry for the problems, and we hope this prevents someone from having a bad situation become worse.

Heating Unit
Hot water heater element pictured…